Women hanging handkerchiefs on barbwire. Lovers picnicking in a war-zone surrounded by helmets. A couple sitting in a dilapidated car on their wedding day. These are some of the images that Iranian photographer, Gohar Dashti, created for her series entitled Today’s Life and War. She grew up during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) in a town near the Iranian border, where warfare was routine and civilians were caught in a constant conflict.

Her native Iran is her narrative where she explores the impact of war on its citizens and contemporary society. Her images reflect on its history, societal identity, revolution, topography (volcanoes, specifically) and feminism. They speak to the impact on every man, woman, and child and juxtaposes imagery of daily life and war.  Nature is usually the backdrop in most of her series which represents a refuge where the sky and mountains are a sanctum.