The 14th Annual Capital Fringe Festival is one of those DC events where you read the schedule and you want to see it all. But truth be told, you’ll only be able to catch a fraction of what they’ve produced this year. Dance, comedy, drama and musical theater are equally represented this year. So make your selections (popular shows sell out quick!) -- It ends July 28th. Before you buy your tickets, make sure you check the show’s age appropriateness: Adults Only, Ages 13+, or All Ages. 

Here are the venues:

Arcade / The Wharf

Cherry / Westminster Presbyterian Church

Cradle / Arena Stage, Mead Center for American Theater

Crocodile / St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

Dove/ St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

Honey / Christ United Methodist Church

Ocean / Christ United Methodist Church

Peacock / Sta Mathew’s Lutheran Church

Pickle / Westminster Presbyterian Church

Pineapple / Riverside Baptist Church

Plum / Arena Stage, Mead Center for American Theater

Spider / St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

Strawberry / Arena Stage, Mead Center American Theater

Check out their schedule here  2019 CAPITAL FRINGE FESTIVAL


Here are just a few Picks


Presented by Fringe Curated Series

Be an observer. Be a player. Work as a team. Compete to win. The Arcade is an interactive projection and video installation where teams compete to win a SW DC entertainment and dining package.


Mamita: Eulogies to the Living

Her mother was a landscape she’d forgotten she came from. A daughter’s ludicrous love letter draws on multiple voices to navigate this knot of inherited grief. Mamita is an effort in learning to embrace power and beauty in the contradictory.

Playwright: Adriana Hillas

Director & Choreographer: Adrianna Hillas

Featuring: Adriana Hillas


From Divorce to Restoration

An innovative journey through divorce and healing, this production represents the voice of every woman. It moves and grows organically as more share their experiences with separation. Audiences will find peace, enlightenment, and dialogue that resonates in their own lives.

Playwright: Bathsheba Smitten, Talaya Simpson, Shannon Webster

Director: Kristina Buck, Michelle Talkington

Featuring: Bathsheba Smitten, Talaya Simpson, Shannon Webster



The connotation of ‘eyesore’, an unpleasant sight in a public place, spins in EyeSOAR as audio, video and movement highlight the wonderful people and organizations in an industrial neighborhood. Space is getting tighter and longtime occupants wrestle with change.

Featuring: Ian Edwards, Carly Johnson, Kelsey Rohr, Amy Scaringe, Brynna Shank, Rebecca Weiss, Don Zientara

Choreographer: Jane Franklin


Cecilia Mencia is founder of and an independent, DC-based journalist.