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DC’s Local, Global Art Fair — SUPERFINE!! the fair.
October 31, 2018
5 - Superfine! NYC Sunday-21 (photo credit - James Miille)
 SUPERFINE!! the fair opened to crowds of art aficionados and new collectors at Union Market / Dock 5 in DC on Halloween night. New to the District, the fair got its start in New York and Miami. The idea was born to entrepreneur Alex Mitow in 2015, and its art-friendliness is evident in its representation of DC’s communities including LGBTQ, civic, and political.
1 - Superfine! NYC 2018 Twilight Vernissage-20 (photo credit - James Miille)
 fun, approachable, and chock full of art by local and global emerging artists.
Heard at SUPERFINE!! the fair:
“I never imagined so many people would come out in costume — it’s so fun!”
Alex and James 3
(James Miille and Alex Mitow, co-founders of Superfine! The Fair)

Co-founders Alex Mitow and James Miille have changed up the art game by offering high-quality artistry at affordable prices.  DC’s first iteration offers a collection of original artwork including 300 visual artists, 74 exhibitors with price points starting at $100 to $5,000.
There will be cultural programs and panel conversations this weekend, too.  Don’t miss it! Its last day at DC’s Union Market is Sunday, 11/4.
For tickets and to learn more:  Superfine!! DC

Jeremiah Morris | Mount Crawford, VA
Brooke Rogers
 | Ocean City, MD
Daniel Stuelpnagel | Baltimore, MD
Rogelio Maxwell | WashingtonDC
JJ Galloway | Annapolis, MD
Noel Kassewitz | WashingtonDC
Kelly Moeykens | WashingtonDC
Olan Quattro | WashingtonDC
Mary Westphal & Armand Fogels | Alexandria, VA
Susan Hostetler | WashingtonDC
Sheila Cahill | WashingtonDC
Hannah Sarfraz | Gaithersburg, MD
Brianne Lanigan | Arlington, VA
Dennis Crayon | WashingtonDC
Julie Christenberry | WashingtonDC
Sarah Magida | Baltimore, MD
Scott Hutchison | Arlington, VA
Joseph Shetler | WashingtonDC
Christine Ruksenas-Burton | Stone Ridge, VA
Wayson R. Jones | Brentwood, MD
Michael Heilman | Alexandria, VA
Sarah Jamison | WashingtonDC
Colleen Garibaldi | WashingtonDC
Adam Chamy | WashingtonDC
Steve Wanna | Mount Rainier, MD
Kathryn Jane Leung | Manassas Park, VA
Monochrome Collective | WashingtonDC
Walton Gallery | Petersburg, VA
Gallery O on H | WashingtonDC
Zenith Gallery | WashingtonDC
Touchstone Gallery | WashingtonDC
XOL Gallery | Baltimore, MD
glave kocen gallery | Richmond, VA
RoFa Projects | Potomac, MD
Foundry Gallery | WashingtonDC
Adah Rose Gallery | Kensington, MD
Susan Calloway Fine Arts | WashingtonDC

The Dick Gregory Story
at Arena Stage
Turn Me Loose, the story of Dick Gregory, the first Black comedian-activist to radically explore racial comedy premiered in Washington, DC at Arena Stage to enthusiastic crowds, last week. Gregory’s pioneering achievement in the world of comedy where no topic was taboo and bigotry was confronted is expertly performed by actor and former stand-up comedian, Edwin Lee Gibson.

The politically charged 60’s, a time of civil unrest, was the tipping point and the start of Gregory’s successful stand-up career. Soon thereafter, he would leave this lucrative path in pursuit of his lifework in activism in the nation’s capital.
“Dick Gregory – uniquely – sacrificed an extremely successful and lucrative career for activism,” shares John Gould Rubin, Director.
Playwright Gretchen Law expertly weaves the past and near-present together, using Gregory’s own words to demonstrate the inextricability of social justice from his comedy, and offer insight into why Gregory eventually would close the door on standup to become a writer, speaker, and political activist.
“Dick Gregory’s impact is more than being a socially conscious comedian,” says Molly Smith. “He put his heart where his mouth was and used a talent for comedy as a platform for action – and change. He lived in our town and it’s a joy to present a play about him.”
Turn Me Loose runs at Arena Stage through October 14, 2018. Runtime approx. 90 mins without intermission.

Dick Gregory: Edwin Lee Gibson
Stand-up Comic/Emcee/Interviewer/Gospel Singer/Heckler/Cabbie: John Carlin

Playwright: Gretchen Law
Director: John Gould Rubin
Scenic Designer: Christopher Barreca
Costume Designer: Susan Hilferty
Lighting Designer: Stephen Strawbridge
Sound Designer: Leon Rothenberg
Casting Directors: Jack Doulin, Victor Vazquez
Stage Manager: Erin Cass
Assistant Stage Manager: Christi B Spann
TICKETS: Tickets for Turn Me Loose are $40-95, subject to change and based on availability, plus applicable fees. For information on savings programs such as pay-your-age tickets, student discounts, Southwest Nights and hero’s discounts, visit Arena Stage Tickets and Programs

Tickets may be purchased online at by phone at 202-488-3300 or at the Sales Office at 1101 Sixth St., SW, D.C.



 MADLYN MCAULIFFE  @MadlynMcAuliffe and CECILIA MENCIA @DCTrending contributed to this story. 





Last week the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden announced a gift of over 35 seminal works by artist Marcel Duchamp, donated by D.C. collectors Aaron and Barbara Levine. The gift includes a cross-section of Duchamp’s works incorporating his influential pioneering and conceptual ideas, making the Hirshhorn’s Duchamp holdings one of the most extensive, in-depth public collections in the country.

Photo © Tony Powell. 2017 Hirshhorn Spring Gala. May 6, 2017

Aaron and Barbara Levine with Hirshhorn Director Melissa Chiu. Photo © Tony Powell,

The collection is complemented by 15 portraits, related photographs and works on paper by Duchamp’s contemporaries including Man Ray, Tristan Tzara, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus, and Irving Penn, among others.



The exhibit is set to open fall 2019.