WHAT I HEARD: Elegant Entrepreneur Book Signing

At a recent book signing in DC, I met a highly accomplished women and entrepreneur who never boasted about her Harvard degree, nor her achievements, but rather was in a quandary about being a good mother. How many of us – working moms – have gone down that path? Countless. IMG_1068

(Launch party & panel discussion for Danielle Tate’s book, “Elegant Entrepreneur” @1776vc. Feb 10, 2016)



It just struck me that in a room of high powered women (and men), at that time of the night, many were thinking of what was going on at home with the kids. Sometimes lowering that veneer makes us all a little more human.

The event was held at 1776, a global incubator and seed fund that works with industries in education, energy, sustainability, health, transportation and cities. I had no idea this existed here. Very impressive. There was a big turnout with people from every end of the entrepreneurial and media spectrum.

Danielle Tate, the author, spoke deftly about how her book addresses the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Moderator, Rebecca Cooper (@RCooperDC) kept the discussion flowing with panelists Camille Alexander (BNY Mellon), Jonathon Perrelli (Life Fuels), Amy Millman (Springboard Enterprises) and Caren Merrick (Pocket Mentor).

A good night was had by all and the wine didn’t hurt!